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Can menstrual cups be used with an IUD? #609/9
I am researching options for contraception. I have read varying information online about whether or not it is safe to use a menstrual cup (mine is a Diva Cup) while wearing an IUD. According to the DivaCup website: "The DivaCup is not suggested for use with an Intrauterine Device (IUD). It is possible for the IUD to become dislodged, displaced or removed when the menstrual cup is removed by inadvertently pulling on the IUD string. As with all gynecological concerns, please consult with your physician."

I have read online forums where women use both IUDs and menstrual cups successfully. How great is the risk of using them both? And if I would choose to use both, what concerns should I keep in mind?

Thank you!

Thanks so very much for your patience.  I was on my back with open heart surgery for a mitral valve repair some 16 days ago.  Now I have reopened my computer.  I am feeling so much more energetic each day.  Each morning I go out and pick blueberries and raspberries for cereal before breakfast!


The DivaCup warning does surprise me a bit.  But I would hope that you could use an IUD without resorting to a DivaCup. 


How much bleeding are you experiencing and which IUD are you using?


Her reply on 6-25: “Thank you for your reply Dr. Hatcher.  I hope that you continue to feel better and have a speedy recovery.”


“In answer to your question, I am not currently an IUD user.  I am considering getting a Mirena but want to be more informed before I make that decision.  I currently am a diaphragm user.  My periods are normally a day of spotting followed by 1-2 days of moderate flow, one light day and approximately another 2 days of spotting.  The reason I ask the question is that I really like the DivaCup.  I personally find it to be far more convenient and comfortable than any other menstruation product.  I would really like to be able to continue using it if I should get an IUD, but I want to know what concerns I should have and precautions I should take, or if I shouldn’t use them both together at all.”


“Similarly, as a diaphragm user, I find the diaphragm very convenient for menstrual flow control during intercourse.  Would it be possible to use a diaphragm for flow control during sex while wearing an IUD or does that pose similar risks as a menstrual cup would?


“Thanks again!”


I am not aware of a reason why you couldn’t use a DivaCup or a diaphragm for flow control.  I would recommend that you not let either remain in place for longer then 24 hours.


How long have you been leaving a DivaCup in place for flow control?


Her reply 7-8: “When my flow is heaviest, I have the cup in place for 4-6 hours.  Generally it is in for 12 hours at a time, very rarely for as long as 24 hours and never longer than that.  I take the diaphragm out as soon as possible after the recommended 6 hours.”


“Thank you very much for the information.  This knowledge has helped me greatly in my decision.  Best wishes.”


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Posted 7-3-2009, Updated 7-8-2009, Updated 7-13-2009 


Robert A. Hatcher MD, MPH
Emeritus Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, GA

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